Can we Redefine Love…or is it just Love?

I want to continue a thought that truth is subjective and that Followers of Jesus need to see Love as the foundation of their faith…not truth. I realize that this seems controversial, but hang with me and let’s see how this comes out the other side to start good conversation with each other. God_is_Love

I had an interesting, yet quick, conversation on Twitter the other day with a person named Dave Buehring, who has a ministry called Lionshare. Someone had pointed out a tweet that this person had made. We were both confused at the statement that he made saying “this redefining love trend”. The comment was interesting for sure, which you can see on Twitter saying,

“In the midst of this redefining love trend, we must remember that love is rooted in God’s character – and is always married with His truth!”

When I asked him what he meant by “redefining love trend”, he ultimately landed on,

“As a follower of Jesus, the Scriptures are my reference point for truth. God loves people and died to free them from sin.”

This is my question. Is the “truth’ that he is talking about really just coming down to what he believes words in the bible say? In addition, is this “redefining love trend” addressed to all the people who do not agree with his interpretation of certain verses in the bible? If so, then this can create a huge problem.

That’s what this is really about. To me, this idea of truth being the foundation to faith, is backwards and potentially damaging to many many people. I’m sure this person means well, but his truth that is his foundation for everything…including love, is completely and 100% subjective. It’s subjective to those he has put in authority over him. If this person has a pastor that they submit to, what if he is a crazy narcissist that is a half step away from being the next Jim Jones? In reality and practice, his truth is just a reflection of that authority. In turn, with this line of thinking, love is now enslaved to that subjective truth. Can anyone say “Inquisition”, “Salem Witch Trials”, or “Fred Phelps”?

So how do people know what truth is? That’s a great question that everyone needs to ask themselves and bring up in conversation with friends they are in community with. I want to restate what I said in my last post

The Religious Vortex’s Bottom Line: Truth can only come out of or even exist because of Love. Because if truth comes first, then truth is completely subjective and will be used as a weapon.

If we are all honest with ourselves, we will see that our truths are built on our desires, culture, society, parents, teachers, friends, influences, pastors, and much much more. These are all factors that need to come into play when we assess what Dave Buerhing means when he says “redefining love trend”. Isn’t love, Love? Does love point out sin? Haven’t millions of lives been marginalized when a person or group has pointed out sin of another person? When we draw that religious line in the sand, are we not claiming that “I am Right, and you are Wrong?” Rather love is gentle and kind….wanting to touch another persons life through actually loving them. Let’s be honest with ourselves…we know real love when we see it…and feel it…and live it. It doesn’t point out sin, or even look for it. It just Loves another person….like Jesus did.

However, this is a hard concept for someone who basis love off of a truth that they hold given to them by an authority they allow to be over them. Why? Because that love will always come to a point when it will have to sacrifice another rather than going against that truth….Plain and Simple! For example, a Conservative Republican will usually love another person within the confines of the truth they cling to. They will struggle to love a person from any other point of view that is outside of their box. We all know this to be true…we live this everyday of our own lives. We judge others around us by our own perceptions of who God is and what we think he demands of us. We then reflect all of that on those around us or those we are trying to convert to how we see God.

That is why Love is even more powerful than any truth we can gain. Love is the power to break through our perceptions of who God is and still engage those around us that will not fit into our box. We all have boxes, or safety zones, that we live in….we cannot deny this. But Jesus has shown that the Kingdom of God breaks down those boxes and heals the truly hurting by engaging them in Love. When truth cannot go any further, Love can go infinitely past that point.

What we need to start seeing is, truth is instituted by religious organizations, churches, denominations, non-profits, governments, businesses, and hierarchical structures of all kinds. However, in complete contrast, Love is reflected by relationships, forgiveness, reconciliation, kindness, gentleness, equality, not searching out sin, not manipulating, self-emptying, self-humiliation, and not letting our desire for success control a single person. The thing is…Truth can then come out of Love…but Love can never come out of Truth. So, is Dave Buerhing way off? I don’t know and nor do I care to go down that road at all…but I do know that when we start waving that finger at others by saying they are “redefining love”, then all we are doing is saying “I’m Right…and you are Wrong!” I think Jesus is different….He just loved people.

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