Dr. Michael Brown and his “Truth”

I came upon a guy named Dr. Michael Brown that has a radio show that, I can only assume, is listened to by many people. Therefore, it’s safe to also assume that Dr. Michael Brown has a lot of influence on his listeners. No doubt this is true. What I wanted to do is bring into question a possible point of where theology and doctrine can go down a dark path that seems to be accepted by so many. Here is a quote form Dr. Brown on March 27th, saying… wp-1452234386616.jpg

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we walk in truth, no matter how much love we have, people will be offended. Take it on the chin, and keep loving them in Jesus!”

I think this is backwards. What’s backwards? What seems to be backwards is that love can only come after truth or that truth is the foundation to everything…even love. I’m saying that this is a belief that could lead many people into a whirlwind of trouble. This can create a fallacy that justifies religious violence against those we have placed on the other side of the religious line. What needs to be stated, in my opinion is,

The Religious Vortex’s Bottom Line: “Truth can only come out of or even exist because of Love. Because if truth comes first, then truth is completely subjective and will be used as a weapon.”

What I am saying is, we should always walk in love and in turn truth will come out of that. Why? Because when we really get honest with ourselves, truth is subjective. Truth is subjective to whatever authority you allow to be placed over you. For example, most people will say truth is whatever their “pastor” says is truth….what they are told every Sunday morning. If you then translate love out of your subjective idea of truth that you gather from another person behind a pulpit, then love can easily be perceived as a weapon to those you are “trying to love with your truth”. Yes, I know this may sound confusing but it makes sense. You cannot love another person based off of a truth you gathered from a text (even the bible), because that love will always be based off of a subjective interpretation that has been shaped by personal desire, opinion, culture, pressure, shame, guilt and the desire to be right.  What needs to happen among us is, Love another person (even your enemies as Jesus says) regardless of any truth you may have gathered. Love is Love…period! You cannot get around it and you cannot redefined it in any way. This seems to be what Jesus meant by hanging the entire law on loving God and loving your neighbor. Really what Jesus is getting at is, the law makes no sense at all unless you are starting with Love. Let’s just be honest…doctrine, theology, churches, the bible, scripture, bible studies, and whatever else you can think of, really make no sense unless you have Love first.

If you do not have Love first, the truth will only be a subjective weapon that you will use on another person that doesn’t agree with you. If you disagree, let me ask you a question… If truth comes first, which truth do you have? John Piper’s? Rob Bell’s? John Hagee’s? Rick Warren’s? Dr. Michael Brown’s? …or maybe Joel Olsteen’s? You can find 6 different versions of Jesus in these people. In turn, you can find 6 different “truths” in these people. Maybe what we should all do is throw out all of these peoples “truths” and just operate in Love, because there we will find Jesus. Because God is Love…and Jesus came to show us this true Love….and as an extremely wise person once told me….”Love is the Truth”.

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