I have been going to and committed to churches since I was born and I’m not exactly young anymore. It has been quit a ride going through 3 church splits and multiple pastors screaming and yelling when they find opposition. Of course when the church’s split….like most, I would always pick a side and go with the flow.  Sometimes I would pick a side purely out of ignorance and wanted to side with specific people….to be with the “right” side, or so I thought at the time. Even though I seemed to be doing what was comfortable and rightly compliant, I eventually realized that I wasn’t free at all.
Over time, I have realized that freedom isn’t necessarily being with the “in” crowd or even being with the “right” crowd. But it is living within no manipulation or coercion from outside ourselves. Freedom comes from living with God and letting no one else determine what our path is.
Our freedoms are taken when we go to a church that wants to manage people. “Oh…but it is for the “greater good” of the body of believers if you let me show you my way”. I disagree. Our freedoms are taken when we are subtly told that we need to work at that church to earn or maintain favor with the people and with God. Our freedoms are taken when we feel guilt for not progressing with the rest. Our freedom is taken when our identity comes from being with a certain church or group. Our freedom is stolen when we are driven by the need to please others! And this freedom stealing is driven by heiarchal pastors that want to lord over and manage people into righteous living.
Wouldn’t it be nice if pastors still washed the feet of the less-fortunate? Wouldn’t be cool if heiarchal structure in the church was broken down and God was the leader and pastors stood next to people in love instead of in front of them on a stage when looking for truth. Wouldn’t it be nice if churches encouraged people to be free and walk with God and not be in a club…or teach that walking with God is being in that club? Freedom only comes when we look straight at God and not through a religious leader. Freedom is not easy because religion is strong and it wants to control people.

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